Friday, 31 October 2014

The Quiet Cold Room

If there's one thing about cold rooms that can bother people it's the noise of the associated refrigeration plant. Yes, cold room noise nuisance is a fact of modern life - strange but true. I saw a page on the City Of York's website the other day under the noise pollution section which looked at noise nuisance from air conditioning and refrigeration plant!

Imagine this .... where you live there are some local shops and on any typical small retail development that is in or near a residential area, you could find any or all of the following:
  • a small supermarket
  • a couple of fast food outlets
  • a small distribution centre (eg. refrigerated food)
Temperature controlled storage will be a feature of some if not all the facilities in the above list and that means you can expect to find one or more small to medium sized cold rooms being used.

The refrigeration plant used on many of this type and size of cold room, especially the refrigeration condensing units, can be quite noisy so for any residents nearby these cold rooms can be a constant source of noise and irritation. If you look at the page in the link above you will see that a big change has taken place in this particular market and low noise refrigeration condensing units such as the Sigilus from Intarcon (with bespoke options too) now provide a great solution for cold room storage in residential areas.

Special condenser to keep cold room noise down

I have personally seen huge changes take place in the UK cold rooms and refrigeration industry over the years and one of the most notable is the increasing number of small retail and food outlets that have been built close to people's homes. Many local residents are very happy about this as they can enjoy having a small supermarket or pizza take-away within walking distance of their home and that can make life easier. However, once the shopping has been put away or the pizza has been eaten, if they can't relax to watch a little tv or read a book because of noisy nearby refrigeration, well that's a counter-balance they are not likely to be happy with and rightly so.

If you can relate to this type of situation just find out which of your local retailers is using cold room storage and tell them they need to install low-noise refrigeration condensers!