Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Walk In Cold Room - How To Get A Great Deal

Over the years I have seen all types of walk in cold room and by that I mean in type and size.

For example, there is the small walk in chiller which is used by many caterers, bakers and butchers. Florists also use this type of cold room to keep their flowers fresh. Control of temperature for storage is paramount for them - no flowers, no business! The same applies to laboratory cold storage needs. If a laboratory doesn't store its samples etc correctly, it cannot perform its job accurately.

Then there is the small walk in freezer popular with many fast food chains (pizza and burger outlets) as well as restaurants and, again, butchers and bakers.

I have personally been involved in the supply and installation of countless walk in cold rooms and not just in the UK but many countries. Usually the installation work is only required for large cold room and bespoke design projects .... and that suits me just fine.

The truth is that installations take up a lot of time, often not just before and during the installation but also afterwards. Also, many cold room operators have on-site staff sufficiently capable of carrying out the installation themselves, especially if it's a modular assembly cold room. Providing all appropriate health and safety rules are observed, it should be a fairly straight forward process to assemble and install a modular cold room.

This is why so many end-users and contractors opt for modular assembly when it comes to walk in chillers and freezers. It makes sense all round. For any end-users or contractors looking for a good, quality walk in cold room package here is the good news ..... I just bookmarked a special offer (see link) of a quality, modular assembly cold room that comes with refrigeration and shelving and instructions for self-assembly. How long the offer will last who knows but it certainly looks a great option.

Just imagine, you need a new cold room (whether chiller or freezer doesn't matter) and you find one with size and specification options that suit you AND that includes monoblock refrigeration and some shelving. It's easy to assemble and comes from a reputable UK supplier. Job done :)