Monday, 15 January 2018

Where To Go Shopping For Coldroom Spares

Coldrooms and refrigeration have always been central to my business life and I continue with those business interests today - which is why I am posting a piece of coldroom news, hot off the press!

Quality coldrooms are built by specialists with extensive expertise and experience but, whilst those factors are key, so too is the quality of the components they use on the production line. Here in the UK there is a big need for such quality supplies and amongst the leaders in that field is Castel Engineering (Profiles) UK Limited, the company responsible for the UK marketing, sales and distribution of coldroom hardware manufactured by Castel Engineering BV.

If you are a builder or operator of coldrooms then you might want to take a look at the company's new website. You can browse through a wide range of information on coldroom spares and parts as well as panel accessories, door and wall frames.

The more specialized parts such as U-Channels, ceiling suspensions and bumper profiles are also covered in a separate section about coldroom construction.

If you are involved in catering or the medical sectors you will know the importance of having good
coldroom shelving and this is another dedicated section on the Castel UK website. There are three options of Optima shelving systems to choose from - coldroom rack shelving, mobile shelving and mobile hygienic trolleys - so you can be sure of getting exactly the right type of shelving system to suit your needs.

I have worked with many caterers over the years and know of the importance of hygiene (as evidenced here in this Food & Standards Agency management pack). Below is the 'hygienic tray on wheels' as I call it.

This is proving really popular in coldroom and catering areas. It also comes in different dimensions, so, once again, you can get somethig to suit your requirements.

So there you have it ... a place where you can get all your coldroom spares and specialist parts in one place, from one supplier.